Starting new javascript 3d physics project Ammo.lab
It use compact ammo.js 555ko with a editor for three.js
I want to keep code simple and efficient.

Png to script

proof2All library need for making game in one png file 163kb.
Three.js, Oimo.js, Sea3D, TweenLite

You want to do yours


Begin new project with RVO javascript from Samuel Girardin
Crowd simulation and three js terrain shader.
Demo . Source

Oimo.js next


Major update to Oimo.js
Now is full native javascript , can simulate 500 objects at 60 fps for 150ko.
I add editor, google map environement and last version of three.js .
Two version Dev with 6 joints type and better speed and Rev with cylinder.
oimo.js with worker / basic test / compound test / ragdoll test

Spherical Shader

shaderinterGreat custom map interface complete with tweener
with my Sea3d model, Three.js, and J.Sanchez Shader ( on static model )



Oimo.js is light 3d physics engine for javascript.
It’s a full conversion of OimoPhysics created by Saharan for AS3.

Demo with three.js, worker and sea3d format:

oimo.js dev
oimo.js rev

full morphing


New demo with sea3d format on three.js
is a full morph head and body and she can talk.

head is 1932 kb for 30000 faces and 28 morph target.
body is 340 kb for 9666 faces and 3 animation.
(flash version is possible with same model)


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