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Many three exemples


deep compression

Make new compression tools for javascript and for my next web editor.
1°/ script to png : compress javascript or text like bvh to png file.
2°/ png to script : decompress png to javascript (with webgl or canvas).
3°/ script minifier : live javascript minifier with debug tool.

3d city

sim14City builder game prototype
All model for 166 kb / unwarp in two texture / high three js optimization

avatar speaks


Full english phoneme morphing on sea3d/three.js
now i can make any head man or woman

Animation test


Last version of three.js r67 is very good, i use sea3d format is the lightweight
Skeleton helper, animationBlending, morph …

asset test 1 | asset test 2 | asset test 3 | asset test 4 | asset test 5



Starting new javascript 3d physics project Ammo.lab
It use compact ammo.js 555ko with a editor for three.js
I want to keep code simple and efficient.

Png to script

proof2All library need for making game in one png file 163kb.
Three.js, Oimo.js, Sea3D, TweenLite

You want to do yours