Radio Gadget updated!

get red radio gadget
Shoutcast live steaming
equalizer & custom xml files
38 kb | v 0.5

Vista or Windows 7 | Flash 10

  Rename file .gadget to .zip
Edit xml files in radio folder for custom station or menu
For other os extract and run .swf (don’t forget local directory)
103200 download ! on old windows live gadget
as3 source v 0.1


29 thoughts on “Radio Gadget updated!

  1. first of all congrats!, i’ve really liked your gadjet.
    the thing is i’m trying to edit the radio stations (i miss rock and metal stations) but a i just can’t – the gadjet simply wont load :p

    any tips?

  2. i have radio web on my laptop works great and i love it but on my desktop i get a error “FLASH error 17” any help would be great thx in advance

  3. hi,
    you need flash player for windows 9 or 10

    for adding radio station look in radio folder of gadget

    Creat new .xml ex: ROCK.xml
    stricly respect the syntax like another .xml

    add style in (radio.xml)

  4. “Radio Gadget” is not compatible with win 7 64x , I have flash player 10 ,Next I have this error “FLASH error 17″ ???

  5. Hey this gadget is pretty neat and so is the music, could you by any chance link me all the progressive radio stations? that would be great, but nice gadget and music touch keep it up 😉

  6. You have to download the flash player 10 active x it the only one that works I had the same problem because i was download the plugin for foxfire instead of the active x which comes when you download flash player for internet explorer

  7. This is really great, and it works on the WinXP Sidebar program, which I believe was an earlier version of the Vista sidebar. Uberific!!

    It would be nice to search/add other Shoutcast stations, all that techno scared the heck out of my co-workers. lol

  8. Hello!!! Give please Russian radio to listen to the Radio Gadget!???
    Yes and even more have different preferences … …. gadget and so good and would be the best!!!!!!!

  9. I have no idea how to do you explain step by step how to do this to get the color that suits me. My desktop is blue green and red gadget does not fit.

      • In general, on this I do not know. I sent you an email as my desktop look and please help! I would like to use the gadget.

      • Great desk 🙂 i have tweaks for you
        add this on first frame after this line: RADIO.initmemo = Number((System.totalMemory* 0.000000954).toFixed(1));

        var newColor=new ColorTransform(-1,-1,-1,1,255,255,255,0);
        RADIO.transform.colorTransform = newColor;

      • or this for black background
        var newColor=new ColorTransform(-1,-1,-1,1,255,255,255,0);
        RADIO.BACK.transform.colorTransform = newColor;
        RADIO.transform.colorTransform = newColor;

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