One thing i like when i start 3d project is accuracy.
then how to do this with away3d and 3dsmax.

1°/ Choose the right units setup for 3dsmax
acc_1in Customize/Units Setup set this setting.

2°/ Create a model for exemple a fly ship with gun
fly_1fly_2fly_3I need to know exact possition of gun if i whan’t shoot some bullet

3°/ Export final model with AWD
4°/ Import in away3d the fly ship model with scale of 1
now i can shoot bullet with the same value in away3d as my gun coordinate in 3dsmax.

Is very usfull if you object have many parts like car … keep in mind awd set all object to 0.0.0 on pivot point at start; you have to move all objects to the right place, more easy if you know good coordinate. 🙂


2 thoughts on “AWD ACCURACY

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip 🙂
    This article was made in January 2013, but since AWD 2.1 format has been released the objects can keep their position, I noticed.

    So do you know if your tip is still necessary ? Like, maybe the 3DS Max AWD plugin hasn’t been updated to v2.1 format.

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