Biped to AWD

1°/ Create your biped in 3dsmax
2°/ Create simple basic bone (in right view to keep good orientation), the red one is the root at 0,0,0
3°/ Align your bones to biped object like that
4°/ Go in hierarchy select ‘Affect Pivot Only’ and align white final bone to biped like that and delete them
5°/ Now go to Animation menu and add position constraint and orientation constraint for each bones to the good biped part
6°/ Do the same for head, chest and pelvis (size of bone is not important we adjust skin enveloppe after)
just need it taller than wide or the envelope will be horizontal.
7°/ Same for hand, foot. you should have somthing like that, Is minimal best setting for human
8°/ Test some animations to see if all in place (the red one not move and stay at 0,0,0).
9°/ Add some optional extra bone for finger and toe same thechnic
10°/ Great, now we have all bones ok but there are all independent, if you export like that that didn’t work so.
11°/ You have to link bones like that, the double click on red select all.
12°/Add all bones to skin modifier without the red. Adjust the pelvis and chest envelope for best result.
13°/ That’s all now you can export and use biped motion mixer for your animation.


14 thoughts on “Biped to AWD

  1. Hi ! Thanks a lot for this. There are very few resources on how to get models to work good with Stage3D and Away3D.

    I have a (probably stupid) question though.

    To avoid problems and unexpected time sinks I tried using the model illustrated in your article. Then to add new animations I downloaded 3DS Max sample BIP files from here:

    I added Motion\BIP\Fly_Fall\RampLaunch.bip to the biped through 3DS Max’s motion mixer.

    The problem is that RamLaunch is animating the biped with a 180° rotation around the Z axis. Some sample animation are oriented properly, others have the 180° weirdity.

    Question is: How can I make a .bip file that’s not oriented properly, correct again ? Especially considering other .bip are loaded into the motion mixer and DO have correct orientation (that includes your own .bip provided with the model)


    • Hello in mixer you have option in left side (right click on All and filter)
      you can choose what parts is moved by bip animation.
      and also combine bip files.

      or you can link bone position/rotation to specifique biped bone.

  2. Awesome ! This is perfect, like, wheee ! Thanks. I wasted so much time on this tiny issue. It always happens any time I try to do something new in one of those crazy powerful and complex apps like 3DS Max 😉

    I did wonder how you were able to set the first 2 tracks in the motion mixer so that only certain body parts became animated. May I ask how you learned how to use Max ? Was it hundreds of hours of poking around in the dark like I do, or more efficient ways such as school or something ?

    Anyway thanks again and I really like your work 🙂

    • I start using it since the version 1 on msdos.
      3dsmax is the simplest, it is very powerful and logical
      you can find many tutorial on web.

  3. Hmm for some reason, if I grey out the rotation arrow in the motion mixer’s filter the RamLaunch animation is now oriented correctly except for a ~40° rotation occurring midway before becoming 0° again.

    Dunno why. Either way this is not 3DS Max help forum so yeah I’ll just shut up 🙂

    Thanks again for this article, binding bones to a biped sounds like a great workflow to get efficient animation on Stage3D/Away3D.

  4. “I start using it since the version 1 on msdos.
    3dsmax is the simplest, it is very powerful and logical
    you can find many tutorial on web.”

    Ah ah yeah Max must be as familiar as your own limbs by now.
    There’s a lot of resources on Max indeed, and whenever I finally figure out how to do something, it’s always straightforward. It just takes me eons to figure stuff out in the first place 😉

  5. When i finish all the animation, whether i must to delete the biped? Only export bone and character to AWD for away3d. You did not to say.

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